Wollaton West Manifesto 2018

Bus Pass Elvis Party
Wollaton West – March 8th 

  • We think Wollaton West should have a public toilet. They’re part of our Heritage and should be  preserved like red telephone boxes, hedgehogs and Mick Jagger! see video An Ode to the Public Lav on Greyhound Street
  • Our party thinks travelling on the Tram would be safer if Conductors were restored  – see video Riders on The Tram 
  • Our candidate would like to see an enquiry into British vet fees, the highest in Europe.
  • Save Nottinghamshire’s green belt, scrap the HS2 High Speed Train see video
  • No fracking under Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest, see the Woodie Wood peckers anti fracking art show 
  • Our candidate would like to see the disused Middletons pub turned into a vegetarian casino called “Viva Las Vegans”. The casino will have neon-lit male/female/gender neutral toilets which will be accessible to the public 24/7

Vote Bus-pass Elvis Ah-huh-huh


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