Nottingham East Manifesto


  • Our party calls on the Chinese army to leave Tibet coz its blowing up mountains looking for minerals and driving the Yeti and snow leopard to extinction
  • Our party believes folk who fly-tip on Mt Everest should be put in the Stocks and pelted with mouldy cheese burgers Ditto Nottingham especially New Basford and Forest Fields
  • No fracking under Mount Everest and Sherwood Forest, see Woodie Wood peckers anti fracking art show
  • We are totally opposed to fox hunting, hare coursing etc.
  • No high speed train through the Himalayas wrecking thousands of acres of wood land ditto Nottinghamshire eg. Strelley village
  • Sadly there ain’t many public lavs on Mt Everest and there ain’t many here too! Save public lavs from Extinction! see Where have all the khazis gone ?
  • Our party calls on Donald Trump and Mrs May not to launch a joint military strike on North Korea in case a faulty missile from a Trident submarine misses Kim Jong Un and hits Tibet! see The Queen’s Message to Trump
  • If cannabis is ever legalised it should be nationalised and called BRITISH GRASS.

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