Bestwood Manifesto 2017

Bus Pass Elvis Party
Bestwood Ward – 19th October 2017 

  • Our candidate believes Rejects FC should be allowed to stay on their football pitch on the Ridgeway.
  • Bring back Tram Conductors – see video Riders on The Tram 
  • Our candidate would like to see an enquiry into British vet fees, the highest in Europe.
  • Save Nottinghamshire’s green belt, scrap the HS2 High Speed Train.
  • Our candidate thinks the BBC should replace Chris Evans with a robot DJ called RoboLad. The money saved should be used improve Radio Nottingham
  • No fracking under Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest, see Woodie Wood peckers anti fracking art show 
  • Save public lavs from Extinction! see Where have all the khazis gone ?
  • Our Party believes cannabis is ever legalised it should be nationalised and called BRITISH GRASS.
  • If elected our candidate will call on Donald Trump to resign and apply for a job as a Bingo caller at the Gala Club Southglade.  A job for which he is most suited. See our  video Kim and Donald Go Ape


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