peoples vote 3

  • Euthanasia booths in Wetherspoons for folk fed up with Brexit
  • Save Frogs and Sparrows from extinction. Plant more trees to curb climate change and stop concreting over gardens.
  • Build more public lavatories see video Where have all the Khazis gone?
  • Our party thinks travelling on the Tram would be safer if Conductors were restored  – see video Trampire Stalks Nottingham
  • All Shook Up about your pets medical bills? When elected our candidate would like to crackdown on greedy Vets.
  • Free neutering for cats and Boris Johnson.
  • Save Nottinghamshire’s green belt, scrap the HS2 High Speed Train see video Santa versus HS2. The money saved could be used to subsidise the bus-pass and improve bus services.
  • No fracking under Sherwood Forest –  see the Woodie Wood Peckers anti fracking art show 
  •  Better daytime TV for OAPs and housewives.


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