Sherwood Manifesto


  • Our party believe Sherwood should be twinned with Lhasa, capital of Tibet, and the Dalai Lama invited to open Sherwood Art Week, June 2017.
  • Hopefully the Dalai Lama will get Tracey Yeti a job as a “bouncer” at Samuel Hall’s Wetherspoons. She’ll sort out the local yobs!
  • Our Party calls on the Chinese army to leave Tibet coz it’s blowing up mountains looking for minerals and driving the Yeti and snow leopard to extinction.
  • Our party believes folk who fly-tip on Mt Everest should be put in the Stocks and pelted with mouldy cheese burgers Ditto Nottingham especially Sherwood and Carrington!
  • No fracking under Mount Everest by Ineos (ditto Sherwood Forest,  see Woodie Wood peckers anti fracking art show
  • No high speed train through the Himalayas destroying thousands of acres of wood land (ditto Nottinghamshire eg. Toton and Strelley village)
  • Sadly there ain’t many public lavs on Mt Everest for Tourists and there ain’t many here too! Save public lavs from Extinction!  (see Where have all the khazis gone on youtube.) tesco express 2
  • Our party calls on Donald Trump and Mrs May not to launch a joint military strike on North Korea in case a faulty missile from a Trident submarine misses Kim Jong Un and hits Tibet! (See the Queen’s Message to Trump on You Tube).

    Vote Elvis and the Yeti
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