Erdington Manifesto

  • Scrap the HS2 High Speed Train, the money saved could be used to keep the bus-pass and improve bus and rail services see video Santa versus HS2.
  • Our party calls on the cops to crack down on cyclists who whizz along the pavements like Bradley Wiggins
  • Build more public lavatories see video Where have all the Khazis gone?
  • All Shook Up about your pets medical bills? We would like to see an enquiry into why British Vets fees are the highest in Europe.
  • Legalise and nationalise brothels and pay the sex workers a state wage call “the knob seekers allowance.”
  • Save Frogs and Sparrows from extinction. Plant more trees and stop concreting over gardens see Little Brown Sparrow video
  • Phase out factory farming! see video Dairy Cow Blues
  • Blokes with Russian sounding names like Boris should be banned from high office.

    Vote Militant Bus Pass Elvis Party! Ah-huh-huh!

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