“The Church of The Militant Elvis Party is a semi-religious party which believes that Elvis is still alive and living in an old people’s home on the Lincolnshire coast somewhere between Skegness and Mablethorpe.


Bus-Pass Elvis Party, Militant Elvis Anti-Tesco Popular Front, Elvis Defence League, Elvis Turns Green Party, Grumpy Old Elvis Party,  Elvis & The Yeti Himalayan Preservation Party


Our aims are to combat the influence of various right-wing churches on mainstream parties in the U.K.

Furthermore, the Party believes that the established churches involvement with the global market is yet another contradiction of Jesus’s teachings.
We are also interested in stopping the degradation of the planet by capitalism and the attacks on old people’s welfare in the UK.


We believe that having MPs in Parliament would be an ideal platform to publicise our aims and to combat the

drift to the right of the mainstream political parties.


The Party only operates at the National(English) level. There are no alliances or groups of the Party.


Membership of the Party costs £3 per annum. lt is open to anyone who sympathises with our aims.

The AGM of the Party will be held on or near Elvis’s Birthday 8th January each year.

This Constitution was drawn up in Nottingham January 2010

Leader:  David Laurence Bishop

Electoral Commission Entry inc.  Descriptions and Emblems

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