Manifesto fackula manifesto

  • Better daytime television for people on benefits
  • Stop UKIP scrapping the climate change act and drowning Blackpool
  • Stop the closure of public lavatories
    see video Where have all the Khazis Gone
  • Ban airguns to protect pets and wildlife
  • Have an inquiry into why British Vet fees are the highest in Europe
  • Have a  5mph speed limit on people who cycle on pavements
  • Protect prostitutes by legalising brothels with a 30% discount for OAPs,
  • Scrap Trident coz it deters Scottish Salmon from having sex! Thats why they are dying out!
  • Euthanasia booths in Wetherspoons for folk fed up with the cuts.
  • All I want for Xmas is a pint of Cobra Venom see video
  • Check out our latest video the Stormin’ Corbyn Art Show

 VoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAte David Laurence Bishop, Bus Pass Elvis Party


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