About the Church

aka. Militant Elvis Anti HS2,  Bus Pass Elvis, Elvis Loves Pets, Elvis and the Yeti Himalayan Preservation Party
(email: lordbiro58@hotmail.com)

Lord Biro

Lesbian Elvis

The Church of the Militant Elvis Party was founded in 2001 to overthrow the Corporate Capitalist State which turned Elvis, a man of immense talent, into a fat media joke. Lord Biro takes on Tesco – see Times Online “Lord Biro writes off unhappy hour at Tesco”

Letter from Peter MandelsonChurch Statement

In 1997 I stood against Neil Hamilton at Tatton (116 votes) and was an inspiration to Peter Mandelsen and New Labour see letter. I formed the Church of the Militant Elvis in 2001 and stood against Eric Pickles in Brentwood, Essex (68 votes) and I stood in Erewash in 2005 against Kilroy Silk (116 votes).  I’ve also stood in four Nottingham City Council elections the latest being Wollaton West 2007 (105 votes). He stood in the Howden By- election 2008, and recently in Kettering General election 2010 and Oldham East and Saddleworth By-election 2011 both as the Bus-Pass Elvis Party  Guardian Electoral history

I am  a retired painter and decoratorand spent most of my time as an artist and a poet (pen name Lord Biro). My poetry has been published in various magazines and newspapers including The Independent, The Guardian and the Daily Mirror. An abstract drawing of Elvis – “Moody Blue” – won first prize at the Annual Graceland Art Exhibition,  Memphis, in the “Non professional category” 1996.

Dave and Howling Laud Hope

Apart from being a keen fan of Elvis, I’m also interested in green issues such as global warming, the destruction of the Amazon rain forest and the attempts by Tesco to takeover the high street. I also like political satire (Private Eye), seaside postcard artist Donald McGill, Andy Warhol, George Orwell and poet Edward Lear.

Pet hates include – Big Brother, gastro-pubs, children being targetted by big corporate brands, the New Nottingham Market Square and the mocking of the working class by middle class writers etc. More recent I have been standing as Elvis Loves Pets Party and here is a photo of me at the Eastleigh By Election 2013 with Howling Laud Hope Leader of the Monster Raving Looneys in Wagon Works Pub.

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